5 great campfire meals

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I really enjoy camping and spending time outside while connecting with the beauties that nature has to offer. It’s so easy to just pack a few things, get in your vehicle, and wonder until you’ve reached a nice spot where you can spend some peaceful moments.

The majority of people that feel skeptical about camping actually fear about the limited possibilities they have in the food department. Because I want to show you that eating outdoors is far more beneficial for your health, I’ve made a list of interesting recipes that you can do in a short amount of time using only a few ingredients.

  1. Pan-seared steak and mushrooms

The rule of thumb is you must serve at least one special dinner during your camping trip. It’s important to have a family or a group tradition and you can easily start with this simple-to-make recipe. Totally doable, the total time of the meal takes no more than 40 minutes. Even if you’re new to camping cooking, you can make this meal using a simple camp stove. The pan-seared steaks go wonderfully with sauteed mushrooms accompanied by a red wine sauce. Because everything is cooked in the same pan, the mushrooms, the sauce, and the steak, you won’t have much cleaning to do afterward. In addition to these three ingredients, you only need salt, pepper, thyme leaves, olive oil, and unsalted butter to complete the dish.


  1. Turkey black bean chili

The advantage of this turkey black bean chili recipe is that you can actually cook it at home and only use the campfire in order to warm the food and add some extra spices if you prefer. However, the preparation time takes only 5 minutes and you only need to cook it for 20 minutes.

The food is divine and is an excellent choice especially when you travel with a large group of people and you need to have more servings. Just saute the onion and the garlic, add some ground turkey, followed by black bean, tomato paste, canned diced tomatoes, and chili powder.


  1. Cowboy hot dog

There’s nothing more pleasant than a nice hot dog served with several delicious toppings, according to your personal choice. You can grill onions and some bacon, let them caramelized and put them on top of the hot dog bun. Add barbecue sauce, mayonnaise or spicy brown mustard.

  1. Classic burgers

You can’t go wrong with classic burgers because everyone enjoys them. However, they are tastier thanks to the camp stove smoke. Just make sure you use a mix of onion, Worchester sauce, eggs, and garlic to make the patties. As a safety note, cook the burgers at a higher temperature of 160 F degrees and you’ll make them not only healthy but also moist.


  1. Barbecued Salmon

Fish lovers will enjoy this divine dish made with a glaze of mustard, thyme, and brown sugar. Don’t forget to pack some tin foil, otherwise, you risk overcooking the salmon and making it dry.


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