The so-called Airbnb for campers and RVs

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If traveling is your passion but you don’t afford to book five-star resorts and ultimate experiences across the globe, there are plenty of additional ways to see what you want. Regardless if you’re in for a weekend getaway, some prolonged holidays or just a simple vacation somewhere far away from the city hustle, you can travel where you want with as little cash and worries as possible.

So, if you’re looking for new experiences such as spending a few days in an RV but don’t really have the money or want the commitment of buying one yourself, there is a new online platform there that reunites all RV enthusiasts and owners looking for some extra cash.

What is Campanda?

If you always wanted to spend some time alone just traveling around the country and sleep in an RV, now is your chance. Campanda is the equivalent of the popular renting platform Airbnb, but only for RVs, folding trailers, fifth wheels, and spacious vans. This online platform gives you the opportunity to rent an RV anywhere in the world and enjoy road experiences regardless of the country you are.

I am an RV lover myself so when I first heard of this platform I thought it wasn’t going to be a big hit. But I was wrong, as more and more people are willing to go carefree in the world and trying new experiences such as driving an RV.


How does it work?

Just like on Airbnb, Campanda has two different sides, for owners and clients. You can register your RV as an owner, set up a profile, and wait for people who are interested in renting your vehicle to message you. Similar to the aforementioned platform, you choose your own prices on Campanda, as well as the number of days per year you are willing to rent it out.

However, unlike apartments, people who rent your RV not only get to live on it for a few days, but also drive it around the country and discover some breathtaking landscapes or just having some free time, away from polluted cities and daily worries. The company recently started a partnership with Allianz to ensure the vans and RVs against damage, so you can rent and drive an RV safe anywhere in the world.

How to make money out of this?

If you own an RV you can place a renting ad on the platform, provided you set up an account first. After you finished writing down some personal information, you will need to post meaningful and real pictures of both the interior and exterior of your RV, as well as to give as much information as possible about the facilities and utilities provided.

Depending on how well-kept your RV has and what facilities it offers, you can earn up to several thousand dollars a month by just renting it.



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